Do’s & Don’t


  • The number of tourists allowed on the island is restricted. It is therefore important to book for the tour way in advance.
  • Since it is an isolated group of islands, one may not find many shops here. So it is advised that tourists must carry all the necessary items with them. Medicines and basic amenities are a must. For brand conscious people, it is better they carry with them their preferred brands of cigarettes and cosmetics.
  • Throughout the journey, tourists will be assisted by a representative of SPORTS (Society for Promotion of Nature Tourism and Sports). It is always better to ask for his help in tourism related queries.


  • Picking corals from the island is a punishable act. It affects the ecosystem.
  • Carrying prohibited drugs and narcotics into Lakshadweep is a punishable offense.
  • Alcohol is not allowed in Lakshadweep.
  • Swimming or Sunbathing nude is not allowed.
  • Do not pluck coconuts from the trees. They are privately owned and plucking coconuts without permission is a punishable offense.