Scuba Diving

  • Lakshadweep is an appropriate destination for scuba diving that provides some captivating views. Bangaram, Agatti and Kadmat are the islands offering an ideal setting for the activity. Scuba diving is perhaps the best way to explore the fantastic underwater world, getting up close with the wonders and the secrets of this marine universe, with its breathtakingly colorful and diverse inhabitants.

    When floating below the blue water, with a limited supply of air on your back and with only your fellow divers as your lifelines. Each dive center has attached resorts catering to the needs of beginners as well as those interested in CMAS and PADI courses by certified divers.

    Essential skills are taught in shallow water (lagoon), followed by a, closely supervised, relaxed dive (beyond the reef by boat) with a PADI Instructor. Each island is enriched with diverse variety of tropical fishes, vibrant corals and other creatures like turtles, rays, coral sharks giving you an unforgettable experience for life.

    It is important that you're medically fit for a dive due to problems that could arise because of artificial oxygenation underwater. Make sure to gather essential instructions from expert divers from the dive center. Make sure you have acquired a permit beforehand, which is mandatory even for Indian citizens visiting Lakshadweep.